The Logo

  • The word LOGISTICIAN (white in colour), represents the group of Certified or Chartered or Professional Logistician(s) (or Pakar Logistik).
  • The Horse (light blue in colour), which is in middle of the logo, represents the symbol of logistics and transportation sectors, including sea, air and land modes.
  • The Compass (combination of black and orange colours), which is on the top-right position of the logo, represents the positive directions and effective works, leading to the globalization.
  • The word MALAYSIA (dark blue in colour), indicates that all Malaysian logisticians, uphold high standard and professionalism of logistician in Malaysia.
  • The dark blue and white fields of the shield indicate day and night. This conveys to the mind something that logistics and transportation take place always, day and night or the non-stop series of progression.