The Society of Logisticians, Malaysia

The Society of Logisticians, Malaysia (“LogM”) or Pertubuhan Pakar Logistik Malaysia (in Malaysian Language) or 马 来 西 亚 物 流 师 协 会 (in mandarin), is a Malaysian-based professional body or society for logisticians, including the supply chain managers and transport planners.

The formation of LogM was approved by the Malaysian Government on 21-January-2010.


The LogM is established for the following objectives:


    1. To create opportunities for networking, exchanging of views, sharing of knowledge and experience, and improvement among professional logisticians in Malaysia.
    2. To facilitate and enhance the growth of economy in Malaysia through the gained knowledge and experience in logistics and transportation, including sea, air and land modes.
    3. To support both the international and domestic trading processes in Malaysia, via the ideas of supply-chain management, leading to the globalization.
    4. To share the knowledge and experience, being the qualified and certified logisticians, with our governments at all levels for any implementation of policy for the logistics & transportation sectors in Malaysia.
    5. To promote the research and development of logistics & transportation, including sea, air and land modes in Malaysia.
    6. To encourage the education and training for the practitioners in logistics and transportation sectors in Malaysia.
    7. To acknowledge the importance of involvement in the logistics and transportation related trade organization or association in Malaysia.
    8. To carry out the social responsibilities, at all levels, through elements of civilized logistics & transportation system.
    9. To uphold the professionalism of logisticians in Malaysia.


The LogM is geared to promote, develop and uplift the professionalism of Logisticians in Malaysia and its membership comprises of the practising logisticians from various sectors of logistics, supply chain and transportation, including those who’re from the airfreight, shipping line, road haulage, seaport, warehousing, manufacturing, consultancy, education, 3PL/4PL service provider, freight forwarding, customs agency, arbitration, mediation, government agencies etc.

The LogM welcomes all logistics, supply chain and transportation practitioners and academicians to be part of the group of growing profession, of course the membership application is subject to the approval by the Management Council, in pursuant to the Bye-Law.